In no way shape or form is this a Replacement for an apprenticeship but I do understand how hard it is to get one. this blog was created for artist and enthusiast to have a place to share ideas and techniques in a judgment free zone.


  • TattooTanner96

    Hey brother !!! Just wanted to give you a HUGE SHOUT OUT & thank you for the BAD A** brush sets & the opportunity to find a new style !!! Anyone who can read this – GO FOLLOW HIM ON ALL PLATFORMS

  • Slicc

    You on goat status for sharing the jewels, make me better sensei ✍🏾💯

  • Ultra

    When it comes to mixing colors what steps are needed to create that perfect blend ?

  • playasage

    what you doin for the ink world is huge brotha, you inspired me to quit my job and start tattooing. my whole lifestyle changed in half a year, much thanks to you goat.

  • Trap$tar Ree

    Your airbrush sets are a lifesaver when it comes to stenciling process🙌🏽! I appreciate what you’re doing because most tattoo artist are very stingy when i comes to stuff like this.

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