Invest. Invest your time into your craft, invest in your supplies and in return you’ll get better. Practice, practice, practice, The money comes second. PS. new Time laps video coming soon...


  • Tomas delagarza

    I just got my iPad 2days ago got certified for my blood born pathogens the first week n about to download 120 worth of these this my first 2weeks at my uncle shop appreciate the knowledge brotha def trying to take my time n practice but yesterday What is the first day are used fake skin in it was about 10 inches and I didn’t like it at all maybe want to stop the whole time but I do have to keep practicing before I can get to the money appreciate you man God bless

  • Montrail

    I appreciate the knowledge

  • poochiesgurl

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” -Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you for all the knowledge!

  • Banzdaartist

    I greatly appreciate your work ✊🏾🏁

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