machine, power supply and needles (a brief intro)

machine, power supply and needles (a brief intro)

machine and power supply function and needle configuration.



  • Maya

    Do you have ink needles and machines all things for a artist to start with for sale

  • Noskin_justink

    Thanks so much for these .. tattoos itself is something you have to have patients with but to your time out to to guide us with this new school tattooing tips down to detail.. your the goat … you need to be in black history💯💯

  • Jayywitdainkk

    Bro you are literally making a difference I’ve relearn my ways of doing things much respect for the way you’re changing the game

  • CJ

    Real inspiration bro! When u feel like all odds against you. 💯

  • Sonny

    Education always a plus to learning 🙏🏽

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