The *Procreate app and how to download BrushSets

The *Procreate app and how to download BrushSets


  • Jankkyy

    I’ve purchased 2 brush sets and cannot access either of them to download and my payment says fulfilled , I can screenshot it.

  • Dewayne Graham

    You took my money and I never got my brushes. Shady. Bad business

  • Ian mcdowell

    I purchased two brush sets both of which never downloaded and will not open in application I’ve re downloaded several times with no advance I’ve screenshotted my payment it says fulfilled there are no connection errors Wi-Fi and data running full speed but still won’t download it says zero percent downloaded and I’ve waited days

  • Gary

    Just bought a couple brush sets and I can’t download, just says fulfilled and paid


    Help….. please Help….. please I recently purchased and brush set but unfortunately my iPad died mid download now I don’t have anyway to finish my download. Could you all email me back with help ?

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